detox joice for glowing skin

Have you lost your radiant skin, shiny hairs and strong nails? Have you been waking up feeling fatigued even after taking long 8 hours of sleep? Well, these are the signs that indicate that your body need detox.

Our body is affected by many harmful substances. These substances can possibly reduce our vitality and spark. But, fortunately there are solutions for this problem. There is a detoxification process through which you can get rid of such harmful accumulated harmful substances like toxins. But, what is that toxin and how can it affect our body?

Well, we will first learn about what toxin is and how can you get rid of it.

What is Toxin?

Detox-Water studio99Our dietitians or popular health advice tells us the exercises or diets that helps to get rid of toxins but no one actually tells you about what a toxin is or what it does.

Whenever you heard the name toxins you related it something with bad. Well, to simply things yes, toxins are bad and that’s why it is needed to be removed from your body. According to dictionary, toxin is a poisonous substance which is the result of metabolic activities.

Toxins are of many types but are mainly broken down in two types of toxins – internal and external toxins. And to get rid of them you need to understand about toxins so that you can identify the type and will be able to get rid of it.

The two type of toxins are:

  • Internal Toxins: The name implies that it is the type of toxins that found inside our body. To rebuild tissues skin care with detox juiceand replace worn out cells our body constantly use energy and throughout this process the body produce waste or internal toxins. These toxins can clog our system and cause damage to surrounding tissue, organ and cells that’s why these toxins need to broken down, recycled or eliminated.

  • External Toxins: This is the type of toxins that are outside of our body that can be ingested or absorbed. The example of external toxins are- pollution, smoke, physical contact of the skin, etc.

May be this information will be enough for you to know what toxins are, but how would you know that you have toxins too in your body? So, let’s see what are the signs of toxins in your body:

Some Common Signs of Toxins In Body

  • You have trouble in losing weight especially inches from some specific areas like belly.

  • You are tired all the time even after having enough sleep.

  • Frequent headaches is also a sign of toxicity.

  • Moodiness also indicates that hormones in your body are out of balance.

  • Muscle pains or aches are also the signs of high toxicity in the body.

skin detoxIf any of the above signs matches yours then, this means you have toxins in your body that need to be removed. For this your body needs detoxification. The detoxification process will help you to get rid of toxins and harmful substances from your body. So, what you are suppose to do for this is to drink detox juices or water that will cleanse liver where all the toxins are stored and processed prior to elimination.

Detox juice diet are very much in trend now as it is an easier way to get nutrients without having the whole fruit and vegetables. Experts suggest you to eat 6-8 green vegetables and fruits each day, which is quite difficult for everyone to eat. In our busy life schedule we don’t get enough time to cook and eat so many vegetables or fruits. Green vegetables and fruits not only helps you to get fit and healthy body but it nourishes your skin too. There are actually many benefits of detox juices like you get soft & glowing skin, healthy and bouncy hair, strong nails, etc.

So, if you struggle in getting green veggies and fruits in your daily diet then, add detox juices in your diet. Let’s see what is detox juice and can you make it.

What Is Detox Juice?

It is a nutritious juice that is prepared with the extract of green veggies and fruits with hands or using a fruit detox juicejuicer. This drinks detoxify the harmful substances from your body that can damage body system. Detox water is beneficial in weight loss program and also provides you a healthy and glowing skin.

Detox juice cleanse your liver and digestive system and revives and restores your skin to it’s natural glow or shine. So, whether you want to lose weight or want to restore your skin to its natural glow you need to add detox juices in your diet.

Benefits of Detox Juice

  • Helps in losing weight.

  • Improves energy level.

  • Boosting immune function.

  • Balancing the pH of the body.

  • Helps in detoxing your liver.

  • Improve moods.

  • Lowers sugar level in body.

The benefits of Detox Juice are endless but making the right detox juice can be really difficult. If you think you don’t have proper knowledge or idea of preparing your own detox juice at home then, you can rely on Studio99 Salons and Spa.

The Final Takeaway

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